pancreatin/subtilisin, urea
Read what people are saying about us.
I used Cymilium on a 5 year old sore on my shoulder. Sure did sting, but it's
gone! TY. I think it was basal cell carcinoma but due to expense never had
it looked at.  It looked and acted like basal cell carcinoma according to web
info. This was about 4 years ago. Got something starting again on my face.
Hope it works again! You guys rock!!  :)

My basal cells are completely cured from Cymilium (5 years now).
-N. Kniess, Richmond, CA

This is my second order.  I am treating nine skin cancers.  I use a smaller
dosage than you suggest.  Even so, my three smallest sites are gone and
the other six are definitely smaller.   I wish I had found Cymilium 15 years
ago and I would have 11 fewer scars on my body today.  Thank you for
such a great medicine!

I am a repeat customer (this is my 4th order).

Has been working great on my husband's skin cancer.

This is my second order.  Does work - still have some minor areas of skin
-C. Goff, Burbank

This is my 2nd order - using this for skin cancer and don't want to run low,
thanks Ken.

I am re-ordering Cymilium for my skin cancer as it is helping with the healing.

A couple of years ago I purchased a box of Cymilium.  I held onto it like gold
as I have never seen anything like it.  I still have a precious few packets
left.  I went looking for Cymilium and couldn't find it anywhere.  Then, of
course, I did an internet search and found this site.  
So what is the deal!  This is the best and only medication to deal with insect
(and sea pest) bites.  Why isn't Cymilium in every store in the country!

Cymilium has helped my skin.  Been having problem for about 15 years,
and Cymilium seems to be working, so I'm ordering some more.

Dear Mr. Michael Hepburn,
This was my second order for Cymilium. My first order arrived without any
problems and so I had no qualms in placing a second order. I knew it was
overdue for delivery but thought it may have been shipped by sea rather
than air, so gave it until the end of February before contacting you. Let me
say, that I am most impressed with your company's professionlism. Your
prompt attention to my problem and eventual resolution is most refreshing
and gives me greater confidence and I find it quite remarkable. I must
confess that I am not using it for the intention that you market it for but
rather for treating skin cancers. I acknowledge that the risk is all mine and I
am still in a trial stage but have found that if it is applied regularly to a skin
cancer, the cancer disappears after about two weeks.

Thank you again for your help and for your belief in me that the product
was geniunely not received. I will contact you once the product is received
and you can be assured that if the original shipment also turns up I will also
let you know.
-Regards, David Gore,, Australia

Thanks.  First order arrived promptly, and appears to be effective.  Thought
I'd better order more before FDA stops you folks from making an effective

I was taking my 3 1/2 year-old daughter Gabriella to the eye doctor here in
Naples. She stopped to admire, up close, a large array of gardenias and in
a moment she started crying and holding her cheek.
Gabriella was stung by a wasp - her cheek was swelling and burning.  She
was suffering and thought it would never end.
I had
Cymilium at home but that was a half hour away.  We were downtown
and our big hardware store was just 2 blocks away-they have a big sporting
goods department.  We walked into the store and right there up front was
We got a box and I put some
Cymilium on her swollen cheek.  Amazing but
true she was completely out of pain by the time we walked out of the
store...and I didn't have to put it on again!
Never before have I experienced such an effective bug bite medicine as

V. Rosanelli
Residential Mortgages Coordinator
SW Florida, AmSouth Bank

"My son, who is in the U.S. bite.  Nothing  he has ever tried ever helped.  A
few days ago he was bitten again.  There was massive red , burning
swelling, burning and itching.  I gave him
Cymilium which Audubon has
available- he said he has seen it at his Army base.
 The results were
his suffereing was gone in actually 2 minutes.  Applying
Cymilium only once did it!"

Margaret Robbins
Audubon of Greenwich
Have used Cymilium for years and cannot do without it.
E. Glander,  Greenwood, IN

Chatted with someone today re: Cymilium for wrinkles!  I am not sure with
whom I spoke, but had a very nice conversation.
-D. Brehm,  Maplewood, MN

Cymilium is great stuff - can't be without it.  Here's my order for another 5
K. Semke,  Chestertown, MD

I am most pleased with your service and of course this very good
-Best regards! Chef Jem, San Diego, CA

This cream is truly amazing.  We bought it in a fishing tackle shop in
Naples and went for more but they had sold out so I'm getting more

Dear Mr. Gray,
Thank you so much for your reply...I look forward to receiving my order.  I
have been a loyal Cymilium customer for several years and never pass
up an opportunity to recommend your product.  I am pleased that your
customer service is also commendable.
-Leslie Sowers-Winkel

This order is for 6 boxes for treatment for my skin cancer.

Using for skin cancer treatment.  Please ship the 2 boxes as soon as
possible.  Thank you.

We tested Cymilium for weeks before providing it to our members.  One
lady was terribly bitten on both legs and had allergies to bites.  Cymilium
was applied to one leg only, as a test, and in about 2 1/2 minutes all
itching and suffering stopped on that leg.  We then applied Cymilium to
her other leg and her vacation was saved.  It was a miracle.
-David Harraden, Director
North American Canoe Tours
Everglades Eco Adventures

I'm scheduled for radiation for skin cancer on my face after the holidays.  
I would like to try Cymilium before the radiation.  Please let me know if
you can ship immediately.  Thank you for your kind consideration.
-K. Stitt, Elberta. AL

It just so happens my 2 1/2 year old daughter got stung by a bee this
weekend.  I used your cream and within 15 seconds she stopped crying
and went back to playing.  GREAT, GREAT MEDICATION.  Thanks.

I am so happy this is working for John.  You know we love you guys.
-Love and hugs, Donna Rodriguez, Costa Mesa, CA

My husband is using Cymilium to treat a skin cancer.  Cymilium is
miraculous!  The lesion is slowly healing from the inside out....Thank you
soooooo much for sharing your medicine with us.
-Mary Berry, Wake Forest, NC

I absolutely love your products and promise to be a lifetime customer.
This is one of the best medicines I have ever used!

The first time I bought
Cymilium I was browsing shelves in a pharmacy.
At the time I was desperate for an ointment or cream for my niece and
nephew who were always being eaten alive by many kinds of bugs.
Actually I thought the name
'Cymilium' was so striking - different from the
usual 2-word brands that never do anything (Kill-Sting, Sting-Ease,
After-Bite, Wipe-Away, and on and on).  I read over the box and what
Cymilium actually does.  It convinced me that it was exactly what can help
their problem.
Matter of fact it did!
Cymilium is very good and I even recommend it to people I know.  It's
hard to find-it's not in all stores so I end up giving them a packet of mine.
Please try to get
Cymilium into more stores-here on the west coast

K. V. Maldonado
Investigations Unit
The addresses/locations are provided only to demonstrate that the accolades are
genuine and offered by actual clients.  Please, none wishes to be contacted.
A New Patented Treatment When Bitten Oncology clinics discover a new alternative treatment
A New Patented Treatment When Bitten Oncology clinics discover a new alternative treatment