(pancreatin/subtilisin, urea)                                    
"We tested Cymilium for
weeks before providing it
to our members: one lady
was terribly bitten on
both legs and had
allergies to bites.  
Cymilium was applied to
one leg only, as a test,
and in about 2 1/2
minutes all itching and
suffereing stopped on
that leg.  We then applied
Cymilium to her other
leg and her vacation was
saved.  It was a miracle!"

David Harraden, Director
North American
Everglades Eco
A New Patented Treatment When Bitten Oncology clinics discover a new alternative treatment The Medicine With An Engine!
A New Treatment When Your Bitten
Oncology clinics discover an alternative treatment
The Medicine With An Engine!
Protein molecule of insect/sea pest venom
Cymilium is not a catch-all symptomatic
remedy.  It is neither a pain-reliever nor
is it anti-itch.  
Cymilium is anti-venom.
That's one way it differs from other
drugs. Science knows that anti-pruritics
(anti-itch) have no effect on any
insect bites/stings
such as bites from
sea lice, mosquitoes, no-seeums, fleas,
fire ants and red ants, and chiggers,
among others.
Cymilium is NEW
That means nothing
is like Cymilium.  
ALL other remedies
are UNPROVEN for
treating bites as per
the FDA.  And they
are all cheaper.
We explain:

1) people are typically terrified of many insect and sea
pest bites because
2) until
Cymilium, there has been no effective
treatment so they knew they'd suffer for days

This has caused widespread use of repellents.  Those
who know and use
Cymilium experience its certainty -
that it will end, not relieve, but end the suffering
with only one application
to the bitten area.  And
for most people it does so
in 30 seconds to 4 minutes.
Because Cymilium is so quick and so effective
it reduces the need for dangerous repellents.  
Cymilium's patented medical
works by destructing the
chemical make-up of the insect or sea
pest venom.  Once the venom is
neutralized or destroyed the itching
and/or burning ends.
Dermatologists and
surgeons know that topical
pain relievers, such as
benzocaine, may
temporarily relieve the
burning sensation
but only
on the layer of skin to
which it's applied.
Whether the bite or sting
is from jellyfish, sting rays,
bees, spiders, or wasps,
the venom is below the
top layer of skin and
the pain is beyond the
reach of any topical
"It's important To Say That, While
Other Preparations Attack The Skin,
Cymilium Attacks The Venom."
Director, St. James-Gray Medical Research
Molecule of insect/sea pest venom
The Medicine With An Engine...
Cymilium Actually Works.
When Cymilium is applied to a bitten area on the skin, it
starts to destroy or neutralize the venom from the insect
or sea pest (sea pests include Jelly Fish, Sea Lice, Sting
Rays, Catfish,  and Man-o-War).  In the case of
mosquitoes it's actually the mosquito's saliva that gets
injected into its victim (you or your pet).


The neutralization begins with tremendous velocity.  This is
Cymilium contains a rarely used and costly
ingredient that is part of the Patent.  Among other roles in
the process of
Cymilium, this ingredient also serves as a
penetration enhancer.
Much like the diagram just below the top of the page, imagine a molecule
of venom to be like a string of pearls.  

Now, if you picked up an actual string of pearls and dropped it on a
table, again and again, it would land on the table in a different shaped
cluster each time.

But if the "string of pearls" represented or replicated the venom molecule
instead of any other molecule, it would always land on the table in an
identical cluster. That's part of the reason why
Cymilium works on all
insect and sea pest bites.
After the victim has been
bitten, by a mosquito, fire
ant, man-o-war, sea lice,
chigger, bee, or any one
of other insects or sea
pests, the wheal (swelling)
Cymilium is
applied to the wheal.  A
key ingredient demolishes
the venom or a
mosquito's saliva.  
separate and different
"string of pearls" is
formed.  See the artist's
rendering on the left.  
Retail Box of Cymilium
"String of Pearls 2" - See box at right
"String of Pearls I" - see text below
All medications which are
manufactured/distributed by St.
James-Gray Medical Research
Laboratories Ltd have been invented
and patented by
Stan Rubin
Delivery status of order
Delivery status of order
Two other key
ingredients in
Cymilium then begin
to consume or
chemically change the
venom.  Like a
powerful spacecraft
engine it works at
lightening speed.
The second and different "string of pearls" is
the actual breakdown of the venom.  This
breakdown begins within 3-10 seconds of
Cymilium to the swelling from the bite.
The venom mass is physically
broken into many small
'miniatures' or tiny sections of
mass.  It becomes like.....a
string of pearls - see the
artist's rendering just above
on the left.

As the venom is 'consumed' by
Cymilium, it now has many
more edges to attack the
venom instead of just one big

And that's the turbo  speed
and power of